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Other Costs
A440 Tunning Fork (main Choir only)
Main choir members are required to obtain an A440 tuning fork for use in rehearsals and in practice at home.
These are available from choir for or from many music shops for around $10.50.

Music Bag
All choir members need to purchase a YVM music bag $9.00.

Uniform Items
All choir members are required to purchase a pair of black uniform performance trousers, a choir T-shirt and fleece top. Barbara O'Leary (95961244) can provide details of current costs.

Tours (main Choir and Senior Training Choir)
While going on tour does involve some cost to choir members, tours are very much subsidised by the Touring Fund, supported by fund raising activities and sponsorship. Hence tours are always very good value. For example cost of the two week tour of Queensland in 2002 was $500. The UK and Canary Islands tour in 2004 cost $3,800 for 3 weeks, the 2005 Tasmania tour cost $450 for ten days on the island and the 2006 Top End Tour was $800 for 10 days. Cost of the 2007 WA-Singapore-Thailand Tour was $2,500 for 15 days. All costs are all inclusive.


Thanks to the Australian Council for the Arts for their support


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